colbycaldwellSince I met Jesus, I have had a desire to say “YES” to everything He says to do! The Lord has called me to lay my life down for His kingdom. In doing so, I am relocating to Texas and bringing with me a deep desire for others to experience the goodness of God!

Today, I have been given the incredible opportunity to teach students on “who we are in Christ” and the “authority God has given us” in our Schools of the Supernatural under the ministry of Marc and Janette Triplett.  I will also be ministering in healing crusades all over Texas and throughout America! God is so good!

I am beyond excited about the door God has opened for me to assist Jesus in awakening His church to who they really are! I want people to know His love and forgiveness and have that true encounter with Jesus that changes them forever.

Pray with me! Pray for wisdom, divine appointments, protection, and financial blessing as I travel across our country. Pray for God to take off the “religious lenses“ of the church and that He will keep my heart pure in everything I do.

Together, we will see the Kingdom of God advance as He awakens His church to their true identity!

Will you partner with me? I need $1200 a month in support. This will cover my living, ministry, and travel expenses. Would you consider supporting me monthly or with a one-time missions offering?   I must raise these funds by Fall of 2016.

Your support Prayerfully & Financially will be extremely beneficial to the kingdom of God. Proverbs 11:12 “The generous man is a source of blessing and shall be prosperous and enriched. And he who waters will himself be watered reaping the generosity he has sown.”