These past two years have been an incredible “Jesus Journey”. God came in and radically turned my whole life “right-side up”, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Two years ago I said “yes” to the most exciting time of my life… Saying “YES” to everything the Father says to do! So, I packed up my things in Florida and moved to Texas.

Growing To The Next Level:

Shortly after moving to Texas I was brought on staff at a local church as a part-time Administrative Assistant. Within a very short time I was also brought on staff as a part-time Youth Pastor. That season of my life was a vital season for me, one that launched me into what God has for me now!

Going To The Next Level:

I’m starting off this year, 2017 joining my father, Marcus Triplett’s ministry. I have been given the opportunity to help in the offices coordinating the various ministry efforts.
I also have been given the opportunity to travel overseas sharing “the Love of The Father”! My message is two-fold! “Love Always Wins” and the “Identity” of the Believers.
My desire is that all know who they are in Christ and for them to follow Him! What better way is there to “run”, then to “run with love”!

My First Assignment:

Work with “Power and Love” school of the Supernatural in the Dominican Republic with Todd White; January 18-21. Robby Dawkins, Tom Ruotolo, and Todd White, along with over fifty people from the United States, Latin America and Europe will be attending this event. We are also expecting around 800 students from the Dominican Republic!

My Next Assignment:

Teaching at my fathers School of the Supernatural in various places across the Metroplex! We are also partnering with Dave Roever Ministries and as a Cohort of SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary as we take this School of the Supernatural global!

Future Assignments:

Traveling to Honduras, Central America where we will be holding Signs & Wonders Meetings and a Three Day School of the Supernatural in a church of over 12,000 people. Africa, Israel, Russia, and Argentina are some of the other ministry assignments!

I Need Your Help:

Jesus said; “the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few”! The bible says; “how can they hear without a preacher and how can they (preacher) go unless they are sent?”!


Would you prayerfully consider helping me fulfill the Divinely Arranged Assignments that are before me? Your monthly support of any amount and/or a one-time offering will help me to fulfill God’s call on my life for this next season!

YOU CAN HELP by logging on to www.AbundantLifeMinistries.tv/JenniferTriplett and using the        “Donate” link provided.

YOU CAN MAIL your support to Abundant Life Ministries, 1500 Beville Rd. Suite 606-320, Daytona Beach FL. 32114. Make your check payable to Abundant Life Ministries and mention my name on an attached note.