Colby grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida without an understanding of who God is. Without any church background, Colby lived a life full of drugs, alcohol, and was in search for the next “party.” Still searching for fulfillment in his life, in 2012 Colby attended an Amway conference. At the Sunday morning service, he heard the gospel of Jesus and was given an opportunity to respond that morning. “I gave my life to Him and experienced His goodness and Love.” Since that day, he has had no desire to go back to his previous life. “This encounter changed my life forever and completely changed the direction I was heading.” Shortly after this life changing experience, Colby started his own lawn care and landscaping business called “Earthworms.” Not only has he experienced tremendous growth and success, but the Lord has used his business as a tool. Colby has had numerous opportunities to minister to his employees and customers and has seen many of them saved, healed, and delivered!

Colby is now pursuing his passion of seeing lives transformed by the power and love of God as he has been given amazing opportunities to minister to those in need.